What is Humility?


Everyone appreciates humility.  We love it when we see it in others and hope that others see it in us.  But our culture has slowly redefined humility to the point that many are confused about what humility is and isn’t.  We are commanded to “clothe ourselves in humility” but what does this look like?  In […]

Leadership in Trials


The church is to “entrust their souls to the Creator” during times of trials. As with all things that God calls us to do, He gives us help.  We have the Helper (Holy Spirit) but we also have pastors who have instructions in how to help us when we are under stress and trials in life.  […]

Right Thinking About Suffering


In this final section of 1 Peter the Apostle instructs his readers to have correct thoughts about this time of suffering.  In a country that is quickly transitioning away from religious freedom we can benefit greatly from Peter’s timeless truths.

Daily Thru Trials – pt 2


This is the second part of the sermon dealing with daily Christian living during hard times.  Peter’s instructions might seem harsh when we consider that his readers were being persecuted. Yet, how they were to live out “the attitude of Christ” during this suffering did not allow their suffering to become and excuse for sin […]

Daily Through Trials – pt 1


Peter has told his persecuted readers to “have the attitude of Christ”, but what does it look like to in our daily lives?  What are the nuts and bolts of Christian living when one is difficult trials of life?

What Should Be Our Attitude When Suffering?

Peter writes to people who are being persecuted because they are Christians and speaks to the concerning their attitude.  Though there are many Christians today who also suffer because of their faith, thankfully, we live in a place where this is not the case.  But are Peter’s instructions useful for any Christian going through difficult […]

He Proclaimed His Victory!


What does it mean that “Jesus went to the spirits in prison and preached…”?  How are we encouraged because of this sermon?  How does this event help us in our tough times?  In this passage, that is difficult to understand,  we see that we can suffer for doing good because Jesus suffered and won a […]