Sermons by Andy Crumpler

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Right Thinking About Suffering


In this final section of 1 Peter the Apostle instructs his readers to have correct thoughts about this time of suffering.  In a country that is quickly transitioning away from religious freedom we can benefit greatly from Peter’s timeless truths.

Fix Your Hope on the Grace to Come


For those who are in Christ, we have a hope in the grace that is to come. This future grace is secured by the blood of Christ and is kept by the power of God. Peter celebrates this and calls us allow this eternal, certain hope to power us to find joy in Christ while […]

Biblical Parenting


What does the Bible have to teach parents about raising children that honor God?  We examine the biblical passages about parenting and seek the Lord’s will for parenting in a confused world.

He Came to Do the Father’s Will


What happens when the perfect will of God the Father is accomplished by the perfect obedience of God the Son?  In Christ we see the life changing power of God at work to accomplish the will of God.  What does that mean for us? What should that look like in our life?

“Alive In Christ” -Ephesians 2:1-10


In this sermon we look at one of the great passages of scripture about salvation.  Paul wastes no words explaining the details of salvation and the reasons why all those who follow Christ should joyfully worship God.

“The Greatest Commandment” – Mark 12:28-34


As the public debate between Jesus and the religious leaders comes to a climax, Jesus is asked His thoughts on the ultimate question of the day – “What is the greatest commandment?”.  His response was familiar, yet shocking.  This sermon looks at the interaction and offers a few lessons for us today.