We are flawed.  That is why we all need God.  We strive to be real, approachable, and honest in all of interactions.


Life is busy!  That is why we strive only to do a few things.  But we want to do them with excellence.


We long that in every song we sing, every sermon we preach, and every word we speak for it to be evident that it is all dependent on, spoken for, and edifying to Christ.

Sound Doctrine

God gave us His word so that we might know Him and how to walk with Him.  Thus, it is sufficient for all of life.  We trust the Bible for all we do and seek to be faithful and consistent to it in study and action.


We believe that God has established the family as a living illustration of His love for the Church.  We challenge men to pastor their families.  We challenge women to follow their husband’s leadership and to help him lead well.  We challenge parents to take seriously their calling to disciple their children.


The Gospel is the means by which God calls man to Himself.  It is useful for calling believers to faithful living.

Church Discipline

We practice Church Discipline according to Matthew 18, 1 Corinthians 5, and other NT passages.


We believe that Jesus intended for His church to be led by Elders who meet the qualifications as found in 1 Timothy and Titus.